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Second Industrial Revolution

The first industrial revolution was brought about when the entire mode of work was revolutionized, with workers shifting massively from the agricultural fields to hard-core machine-equipped industrial units. People gave up agricultural labour and joined factories, because of which manufacturing became the major industry, especially in the United States. This led to the dwindling of the agriculture and farming sector. Machinery came to occupy an important position in man's life and everything began to get mechanized. The textile mills were the first to face this mechanization, which eventually spread to other industrial sectors as well. In addition to this, the invention of the steam engine revolutionized transportation and infrastructure.
The first industrial revolution enhanced job opportunities and helped in doing away with unemployment to a large extent. ...
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The Industrial Revolution truly revolutionized work culture and the very formulation and assimilation of industries. It led to globalised effects and impacted the whole world in terms of conditions and mode of work. The enhancement and growth of communication channels, the spreading of production and consumption across the world and the changing lifestyles due to the influence and merging of cultures became the order of the day.
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