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Essay example - Marketing research proposal

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This paper presents a market research proposal for North West Wales NHS trust. "The trust runs the Gwynedd Hospital. The Trust is led by a Board, comprising a Chairman, Chief Executive, 7 Non-Executive Directors and 4 Executive Directors. The Board's main responsibilities are to ensure high quality patient care; monitor performance and ensure objectives are achieved; to determine the strategic direction of the Trust; maintain a high standard of corporate governance and professional conduct and to maintain the Trust's financial viability"…

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Consumer satisfaction is generally defined as the consumer's view of services received and the results of the treatment. It has been used by program evaluators to enhance health care providers' ability to render services that meet consumers' needs (Sheppard, 1993). However, important methodological concerns have limited the value of consumer satisfaction assessments (Elbeck, 1992). For instance, most satisfaction instruments are simple ad hoc measures. They fail to address satisfaction at any level of specificity, i.e., in terms of particular service recipient groups, treatments, or types of facilities (Lebow, 1983-i).They also do not focus of consumer/patient dissatisfaction. There structure is generally based on issues which health care staff or satisfaction assessors feel are important, rather than on issues that do actually form the major areas of consumer discontent. They generally fail to take into account the relative (weighted) importance of such concerns. ...
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