Employee Privacy Rights at Work

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intrusion of privacy or they are simply unaware of how limited their rights actually are, employers feel it is an essential security measure to protect the company, as well as ensure employees are not wasting valuable company time on unproductive personal business in the workplace.


897). The rights of the company have been upheld time and again.
However, the real issue the company must address is finding the proper balance between the two. As Bupp (2001) pointed out, although the company has a wide range of monitoring open to it, studies have found that too much monitoring can also cause undo stress and be demoralizing for employees. Finding the balance that protects the company's interests while ensuring employees are afforded an adequate measure of perceived respect and privacy becomes the aim of modern business in today's technologically advanced work environment. How that balance may be achieved is the focus of this research.
As upheld in the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 USCA 2510 of 1986 (ECPA), employers, as owners of the premises and communications equipment, have many rights of which employees may be unaware. According to Volkert (2005) employers may "search company-owned computers, monitor Internet use, use video surveillance and listen to voice mail" (p. 1). As early as 2001 Bupp found when reviewing an American Management Association survey report that as of 2001 73.5% of all major companies in the U.S. ...
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