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What benefits does a childrens hospice service provide?

Parents' perception about the children's hospice services play crucial role in determining the qualities of such palliative care providers, since the number of families obtaining the services of hospice homes are increasing. Thus the benefits derived from children's hospice services are awaiting the feedback from parent consumers to continuously change the shape and identity of services.

The medical prognosis may assess the nature of a terminal illness but cannot ascertain the actual time of end of a patient. This being the strength of medical science, the palliative care cannot be rejected outright as redundant. It is an opportunity to provide a very special care to the loved kids, who face death in the near future or at a distance, thereby implying the acceptance of a poor prognosis. The National Academies' Institute of Medicine, USA, has boldly suggested that all physicians in paediatric medicine should well be trained in the field of palliative, end-of-life and bereavement care to children. (National Academies Institute of Medicine, USA).

There exists a hairline demarcation between hospice services and palliative care services. Hospice services are based on the philosophy of providing comfort and support to terminally ill patients and their families when the life expectancy of the patients is in months. ...
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Two main views were extracted from the review: 1) insufficient approach in hospitals towards the care of dying children and 2) palliative care provider's strength and weakness accredited to by the support and reluctance of the parents of dying children respectively…
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