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Globalization and Employment Relations

A peek into their social and political structure from the beginning of the twentieth century to today's fast paced world and also a study of the hypothesis of convergence will help us in making definite conclusions about the subject.
Katz evaluates three hypotheses that have been suggested to explain the trend towards decentralized bargaining: first, shifts in bargaining power from unions to employers; second, the emergence of new forms of work organization, which put a premium on flexibility and employee participation; and third, the decentralization of corporate structures and diversification of worker preferences. Katz concludes that the second hypothesis is the most convincing, on the grounds that labour and management appear to have gained distinct advantages from work restructuring that accomplished decentralization. However, shifts in bargaining power, as well as the diversification of corporate and worker interests, are important contributing factors to the decentralization process.
Sweden became an industrial society later when compared to most other countries in Europe. At the start of the 20th century, Sweden was a poor agrarian society with high emigration rate. It is now a relatively wealthy, welfare-oriented, service society. ...
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An ever-changing world, a deluge of information at the click of a mouse, search for better opportunities: all these and more have made the territorial boundaries of countries seem insignificant. Emigration and Immigration across borders have been going on since the last few decades and it is now that governments are waking up to the growing problem of varying patterns of employment relations…
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