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The practice of management has been faced with the appearance of many fads and fashions without any scientific standpoint to validate their positions. There has been a wide array of speculation in management. Through the study of Barnard's and Taylor's views there can be a sound integration of two different schools of management thought.


In the face of a fast-paced business environment due to continuous technological advances the practice of management has been changing according to those changes. The emergence of new fads or fashions in management requires a scientific approach to determine the features of a sound management viewpoint. All of this implies that it is necessary to study contemporary management theories and tools in order to determine the validity of management in a global business scenario.
The research project deals with the study of contemporary management theories and tools that can be helpful in the area of strategic management in order to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage for a global company that has to face a complex variety of challenges during the course of its everyday operation. The integration of the "naturalist" (Barnard) and the "rationalist" (Taylor) viewpoints can be very useful for approaching the integration of management with a new and valid insight.
Management theories and tools come and go at a rapid rate. Most of them are fads, fashions or replications of forgotten ones without any scientific foundation of real and lasting value. ...
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