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Non-Governmental Organization

In spite of that, an NGO is never constituted as a political party, a criminal group, a government body, or a violent guerilla agency. (Willetts, 2002); (Baehr; Gordenker, 1986)
In 1910, around 132 international NGOs formed a coalition under the name, the Union of International Associations. At that time, the NGOs had a variety of names for themselves including international institutes, international unions, and international organizations. Although the initial scheme of the UN charter did not consider any plan to combine forces with private organizations, a grand meeting at the San Francisco conference changed this fact. Thence came into being the United Nations, in 1945. The participation of NGOs in UN greatly increased its role in the social and economic issues around the world, and it also raised the status of the Economic and Social Council to a principal organ. ...
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Although non-governmental organization (NGO) does not have a unanimously accepted definition, it does have a few basic characteristic features. Obviously, it should not be affiliated with, or under the control of any form of government. Other characteristics that differentiate NGOs from the various types of bodies are that it will not be approved as a political party, it will be non-profit organization, it will not be a criminal group, and will exhibit zero violence…
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