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Essay example - Renal Failure

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The road ahead of people experiencing serious illness is not straight nor smooth. At times, they may feel like simply quitting. On the other hand, restoring health is like a "moving forward process", in which the patients as well as their family may need to go through an emotional period…

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Countless studies have linked diet, lifestyle and habits to several forms of kidney Disease. Diet has been a strong linked to development of common adult ailments (Health and Home, 2002). According to International Federations of Kidney Foundations and International Society of Nephrology (Sun-Star, 2007), one (1) of every (10) adult may possibly suffer from renal disease. In United States, Chronic Kidney Disease prevalence has been continuously rising over the past years; researchers at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (2008) say. In their investigation, it was explored in the overall prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), there have been around 10% increase of population suffering it during 1988-1994; while 13% during 1999-2004.
does not experience any symptoms and therefore may be unaware that they have it, but there are simple tests which can detect the condition. If CKD remains undetected, it can progress to established kidney failure requiring dialysis or transplantation, very poor health and in some cases early death (CDC, 2009).
This study aims to document the live experiences of patients who are suffering from renal failure, at the same time, design a health care plan for the patients. ...
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