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Operational managment report on apple company

Since the disposal of a high amount of wastage is highly detrimental for the people living on the earth, there have been various enactments to regulate the environmental issues particularly with the waste management. Tougher environmental standards have been enacted to ensure that the firms do reduce the wastage to the maximum extent. In order to avoid these environmental liabilities the product recycling has been made a function of the product life cycle management of larger companies to save considerable time and money which otherwise would have been spent on the discharge of the environmental liabilities. In the present study this paper while detailing the broad issues connected with the product life cycle management analyses in detail the steps taken by major computer manufacturers Apple computers in the area of product life cycle management as a function operational management.
The purpose of any manufacturing organization is to provide a quality product or service to its customers. In doing so the firm attains a competitive edge to its products by bringing in new ideas to the market quickly and faster than the competitors. In this way the firms are able to provide the maximum satisfaction to the customers. ...
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With the advent of globalization, the industrial activities are showing an upward trend. This has resulted in the production of larger amount of process and other wastages which ultimately affect the environment. In this context the product life cycle management has become a major function in the arena of production management…
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