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socilology : Contemporary Social Theory

Many years ago in stone age people use the same habbits as now a days people are using. Contemporary social theory in terms of Giddens theory explain that same beliefs, actions, norms are use today as they were used in past but here the only difference is that the way of representation is different. Now people are living in a modern society where they can avail the facilities of modern society and can also be more creative. (Lewis Coser, pp 151-190, 2000)
Basically through Giddens theory here comes an argument that structure is only because of action nothing more is important here. It is the structure through which action enhances or in other and better words it can be said that structure is the saource of outcome. It is the structure which enhances the capability of outcome and enable or constrain them. (Lewis Coser, pp 151-190, 2000)
Structures are in the blood of human actors. How the y perform, how they exhibit their inner feelings and how they react with others. Whatever is there in one's innerself can not be determined are detected by anyone very easily. There are many techniques to carry them. It requires a lot of attention. In any system or social system human beings are one of the important creatures. ...
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World is going in which direction Is it going in right path or it is going towards wrong path How people are performing in this world Are they good supporters and performers or not The above questions can be easily answered by a single word i.e NO. this world is due to wrong and improper direction facing many crisis…
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