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Government policy - case study

In the case of country A, the government's goal is clear. They want to liberalize the agricultural markets while simultaneously choking off available credit for local farmers so as to bring greater productivity to their agriculture sector. They believe this is central to developing a modern economy. Moreover, they believe that if they bring rural workers/farmers into the cities and get them working in modern industrial positions greater amounts of investment funds would follow the low cost of industrial labor. The government also welcomes free trade with their neighbors, and even welcomes the competition from neighboring agriculture producers because of the attractive macro-economic predictions normally associated with free trade. However, the policy and those macro predictions fail on a micro level, due to insensitivity to the way the local families live.
Clearly delineated, sexual roles, where men earn the money and women feed their families form the groundwork of the rural family, and have turned corn production in country A into a question of sexual and familiar identity. ...
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Government policy, unless it is extremely respectful not only to the dreams and aspirations of families, but also to the culture and practical issues that the population lives on a day to day basis, can end up not only ineffective in producing positive change, but can actually run counter productive to stated social policy…
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