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James Joyce - Essay Example

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James Joyce

The thesis and its key moments will be uncovered and discussed in the paper.
There are some main elements in the story where Little Chandler's epiphany is reflected. The first one is when he meets his old friend Gallaher. He had known that Gallaher is one of the key figures of London Press, and this fact insists Chandler to respect Gallaher and take into account his talent as a writer: "Few fellows had talents like his, and fewer still could remain unspoiled by such success. Gallaher's heart was in the right place and he had deserved to win. It was something to have a friend like that" (Joyce, p.1). Little Chandler envied him and his success; he wasn't as talented as his friend. When he was going along the streets to meet his friend he realized that his talent was far from perfection, and he thought about his missed opportunities to be a talented and successful poet: "If he could give expression to it in a book of poems perhaps men would listen. He would never be popular: he saw that. He could not sway the crowd, but he might appeal to a little circle of kindred minds" (Joyce, p.3). When the two friends met in Corless's, Gallaher told Little Chandler about his travel to Paris, but while they sat and talked Chandler realized that this brilliance and success is rather superficial and unnatural: "He was beginning to feel somewhat disillusioned. Gallaher's accent and way of expressing himself did not please him. There was something vulgar in his friend which lie had not observed before" (Joyce, p.5). But nevertheless Little Chandler envied Gallaher's style of life; he realized that his own life wasn't so exiting and interesting. The author described Little Chandler's epiphany when after his friend's stories he realized that his sensitive nature doesn't let him live a real life full of adventures, new meetings and impressions; in addition to that he supposed that he would be successful if he only got the opportunity: "He was sure that he could do something better than his friend had ever done, or could ever do, something higher than mere tawdry journalism if he only got the chance. What was it that stood in his way His unfortunate timidity!" (Joyce, p.8). Little Chandler's epiphany of his missed opportunities made him upset and unsatisfied.

One more moment of Little Chandler's epiphany is connected with his own personal life and his relations with his wife. When he was already at home he was watching the photograph of his wife and the furniture around him. Little Chandler felt that his life was his failure; he had an impulse to escape, but it was already too late as he had a family and steady style of life: "It too was prim and pretty. A dull resentment against his life awoke within him. Could he not escape from his little house Was it too late for him to try to live bravely like Gallaher Could he go to London" (Joyce, p.10). Little Chandler understood that he had wasted his life and now he couldn't return his opportunities. He became disappointed in his life: "He was a prisoner for life" (Joyce, p.11). He wanted to give up it all, but he couldn't, and it was expressed at his child. Finally, Little Chandler's epiphany became clear, and "tears of remorse started to his eyes" (Joyce, p.12).

As was shown above, Little Chandler's epiphany is a result of acute confrontation between his style of life and his views on self-realization and desire to live a ...Show more


James Joyce's talent of describing the key elements and features of human nature and its contradictions is best reflected in one of his brilliant stories A Little Cloud. The main idea of the story is Little Chandler's epiphany which is described in some of his thoughts and actions…
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James Joyce essay example
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