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Essay example - Movie" Safe" 1995

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Day by day, it is increasingly more difficult to maintain safety in our society, since interactions between people create dangers, either at 'high' political level, or on the daily basis. We live not in the no-man's-land, so people adjust to new conditions and changing situations…

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It is looks like that traditional medical science is not capable of healing those people, who cannot accept the environment. In the movie 'Safe', to my view, Carol White doesn't receive appropriate and adequate treatment, yet she seeks aid in a high-tech medical center. The main problem is that she is alone in her family who has not emotional relationship with her husband and her stepson. Also, using soft and dark colors and sounds cause her to go to inner darkness of illness. The nature of Carol's illness and to compare treatment methods, applies by two different directions of medicine
In the movie 'Safe', Carol White (Julianne Moore) lives with her husband and stepson in a comfortable suburban home in California. Her life is completely predictable, and in spite of the fact that she has 'relationship' with her husband, she begins feeling isolated and then - drained and depressed. Mysteriously, she falls ill with weird symptoms: she experiences nose bleedings, dizziness and allergies, and doctor attributes it to stress. Having passed different tests, she understand that there is nothing physically wrong with her, but nevertheless she takes medication and changes her diet, getting of the all-fruit diet and cutting back diary products. When her condition doesn't go away, she gets a recommendation to visit psychiatrist. The problem with her mind is a reason for the illness. ...
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