The Theory of Mindshould primates be afforded Human Rights on the basis that they are conscious - Essay Example

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The Theory of Mindshould primates be afforded Human Rights on the basis that they are conscious

We laugh and enjoy on good things; feel sad and cry on bad things and adverse moments; we also understand each other; we develop desires. We acquire, improve, and utilize knowledge to develop concepts, principles, laws, and methods. Everything we do and every time we do it we are explicitly aware of our actions. This same uniqueness even created fictional ideas, that man is a special creature that is not part of this world. But this is not the emphasis of this paper. It is assumed here that human is part of the evolutionary process and is a type of creatures with special understanding that was part of the complex evolutionary path. Because of the human awareness, he created and honored the guidelines of morality, which we commonly refer as human rights as a basis of our actions to achieve harmony within the society.
But several ideas came out that certain type of primates show some level of awareness that humans claimed. The question whether primates have a theory of mind was started by Premack & Woodruff (1979) and created interest in the studies on cognition with these creatures. Characteristics of the existence of a mind among these creatures are exhibited by several experiments in psychology. ...
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Humans are classified by science to be the highest form of animals within the hierarchy of the zoological classification. Such recognition was partly influenced by the fact that we have the abilities unique among the living creatures, and nothing has come yet in the planet that manifests greater than the understanding of the human species…
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