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Climate change is a wide-scale change in average weather over at least 30 years whereas weather is what we see on a day-to-day basis.(Alberta's Climate Change, 2006). There has been speculation that the climate change are caused by the greenhouse gases such as nitrous oxide, methane and others.


The effects on human and on earth will be also included. What causes this change will also be include in the research. A methodology will be presented to further support the studies done on this research. The focus of this research would be the cause and effect of climate change in human and in earth. This research proposal will introduce the tool to be use which is the Climate Analysis Indicator Tool. The features as well as the data and the spreadsheet included in this tool are discuss briefly below.
What causes climate change Climate change are caused by the increasing human activities significantly the concentrations of some gases in the atmosphere such as greenhouse gases (GHG) mainly CO2 and anthropogenic aerosols. The GHG usually causes the earth to warm the surfaces and the anthropogenic aerosols tend to cool it. Several studies have been done to solve the problem about the greenhouse gases emission which is the main cause of climate change. Based on the Ecological Society of America (1997), the earth's atmosphere is a natural greenhouse that keeps the average global temperature around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Water vapour, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and other trace gases in our atmosphere trap the sun's heat as it is radiated from the Earth back into space. ...
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