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Gun Control Paper - Essay Example

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Gun policy in the United States lags far behind that of England. After evaluating England's strict gun control laws, it has become apparent that change is necessary in the United States. Improvement, meaning stricter, gun control laws banning handguns like those in English will reduce gun related crime…

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Gun Control Paper

Would the "home of the brave" be a better place with a stricter gun policy Indeed, all we have to do is watch the news to know our country could use a few new gun laws. It seems that every day there are shootings all over the news in all regions in the United States. While some regions are more prone to gun violence than others, this is not acceptable for an entire nation to be victim to a weapon- especially if that weapon is legal. The United States certainly has an excess of gunfire amid its streets and alleys and compare that to England. As the administration has seen very recently, the English are much safer in their country than Americans are here. The Second Amendment has always given us the right to bear arms, and it's perhaps the most upheld Amendment. It is now that Englands's gun laws can be seen as truly beneficial. It has come time to take action; United States gun laws are antiquated. After witnessing the positive progress in England, the United States must follow suit and amend the Constitution and it must ban guns to reduce the level of violence
England has, for the past ten years, become a much safer counter, largely because of successful gun laws. ...
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