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Numbering Technique

The author portrays science as a source of fascination, in this essay. In addition, he also believes that science possesses potential powers in liberating people's minds where its method and rationality can be applied to reality. In Brecht's opinion, nature is a resource for scientific and technological experiments to be exploited for the benefit of the whole human society, rather than being a tool to promote the interests of certain social classes that control the resources of science. This idealism reflects an affinity to Marxism, and it is clear that Brecht's political view becomes apparent in his usage of words such as 'bourgeoisie' and 'proletariat'.
The numbering technique, or, in other words, the form used by Brecht, serves as a device to further support his central idea-his goal in letting the audience to be able to 'alienate' from acting (Are you using the words in the context of pretending If so, please replace 'acting' with 'pretending') and encouraging them to change their habits and assumptions ab ...
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The manner in which an author delivers his or her message to the audience certainly affects the meaning, scope and content of the message. This means that there exists an inseparable relationship between the form and content of a text. This further becomes obvious from an analysis of Brecht's "A Short Organum for the Theatre" and Susan Sontag's "Notes on 'Camp.'" Both authors make innovative use of numbering as a shared technique so that their texts reflect their central concepts differently through the style in which the narrations are done.
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