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The Social Impact of Gansta Rap

Compounding these negative opinions of rap music were the highly publicized incidents between gangsta rappers and law enforcement. Many gangsta rappers have been caught up in the imagery and the bravado of their lyrics as the distinction between art and life are often blurred. One rapper turned actor, whose career and life exemplified this tension was Tupac Shakur". (Article Exertp)
Additionally, "The blend of black influences, and wild response by the younger set made rock and roll appalling and threatening to the older generation. Attempts to control the influence of rock often turned comical; after several previous television appearances became controversial, Elvis Presley was famously shown from the waist up (to avoid offending viewers with his suggestive hip swivels) on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1956. Hollywood was quick to capitalize on the trend, turning out a series of rock-and-roll themed exploitation films designed to thrill teenagers and horrify adults". (Rock and Rebellion) ...
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The denouncing of gangsta rap has also been common among portions of the African American community. During Benjamin Chavis' tenure as Executive Director of the NAACP, he caused internal conflicts between himself and the Executive Board by attempting to embrace gangsta rap as a Black art form (Brown & Rahoi-Gilchrest, 1999)…
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