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Architecture - Avant Garde Architectural Theory

In the beginning of 1922, the Viennese Hungarian Activists were gaining victory. After banishing from Hungary they got together in Vienna. Earlier this year, some of them started to get cut off from Kassak and Ma, making their own groups. In impact of Russian Avant garde was the main cause for the Hungarian Activists to break from Dada and join International Constructivism. The Activist "artists and writers" were the main groups forming the Hungarian Avant garde during that time (Botar, 1993).
Brutalism was a movement in architecture which flourished in the 1960s and 1970s. Pioneered in continental Europe by Le Corbusier, its main protagonists in Britain were the husband and wife team of Peter and Alison Smithson. The Smithsons were determined to preserve the best aspects of the heroic Modernism of Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe and other early pioneers, and to save British Modernism from what they considered creeping whimsies. ...
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The topic which will be covered in the analysis will be based on "honest architecture." A research has been done as if to see how the Avant garde new Brutalists achieved a true, brutal, dirty but real honesty in the form of their own architecture and their architectural theory which was aimed by the early modernists but instead of getting success, such architecture and its theory faced a downfall…
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