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Team Effectiveness in business

Different needs can also influence the behavior of an individual. For instance, there are people are satisfied working just to earn a monthly wage and there are others with more aspiration who work even harder so that they can get promoted and receive incentives. Of course, there are also external distractions that can affect the performance of a member, such as, moonlighting. This is because he is constantly thinking about other commitments and taking on a part-time job is physically and mentally exhausting.
A different mix of personalities in a team does not necessarily spell doom, so long as all members remain motivated and have the same goal congruence. Therefore, identifying a strong leader within a team that knows how to motivate and reward each member based on their needs is crucial. Constant communication and feedback will also ensure that the team is still in the same page. Having a good leader to delegate tasks equally, so that members receive a sense of common purpose and to avoid members feeling left out, is also important. Finally, a good leader should recognise the effort and job that the team as a whole have achieved, regardless of the amount of work that members have contributed.
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Many circumstances in our lives require us to work in teams - from working in large multi-national companies to organizing a family event. Thus, it is important that members of a team have the same goal congruence in order for the work to be carried out effectively…
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