Diversity in Classroom

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There is greater diversity in today's classrooms than at any other time in our history. The students come from widely diverse backgrounds, the material is more diverse, and there is a greater diversity of opinion than ever before. Managing this diversity requires the teacher to account for gender, ethnicity, race, and the cultural background of the students.


Diversity and cultural traditions can add a valuable aspect to today's classrooms. However, they can also be a challenge when presenting material in a fair and balanced way.
It has been said that history is told by the victors, and in a diverse classroom, there may be students from both sides of historical conflicts. Presenting history in an unbiased fashion can be challenging, but including the students' opinions can help to mediate the differences. Bilingual discussions may be appropriate as a learning tool for all the students. Involving the students in greater class participation can bring in alternate viewpoints and different ways of viewing the same historical event. Clearly, education needs to take into account the different abilities of the students as well as their cultural perspective. Failure to take into account the differences in culture that exists in the diverse classroom will make any discussion of the curricula unimportant.
Sexism invades the classroom from several different fronts and results in a socialization of the male and female according to the gender ideal of the status quo. ...
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