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Emergence of China as a Global Trading Power

When the latest economical growth and development of new emerging countries is discussed, two countries' names emerge from nowhere. These are India and China. The growth in the trade sector of these two countries is surprisingly enormous. If this is partly due to development in the area of science and technology, there is much also that goes for a number of reforms, changes, and redefinition of trade policies and international trade relations. Moreover, there is much on the credit of Chinese distinctive cultural and management practices which makes this country a unique case study (Menkhoff and Gerke, pp. 87-89, 2002).
The present paper looks at the issue of the development of China in the business world of the recent times; China is "likely to demand a strong voice in the WTO" due to its major role in present day trade operations (Kennedy, p. 75, 2002). The paper, hence, undertakes extensive research to investigate the causes for the development of China in trade regimes. The paper explicitly brings forward the number of theories of trade which have anyhow any link to the present growth of China in worldwide trade.
At the end of the paper, the study analyses the data qualitatively and makes suggestions and recommendation in th ...
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In the present times, things are rapidly going through a process of change almost in every walk of life. This rapid movement is mainly credited to the fast pace scientific and technological advances made extensively in many fields. As such, in the twenty-first century, the scenario is very challenging because the process of trade throughout the globe has also taken high strides…
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