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Book Report/Review example - The Return of Martin Guerre

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Book Report/Review
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The return of Martin Guerreby Natalie Zemon Davis is an informative novel which narrates the story of the lives of peasants in the sixteenth century and the story of Martin, Bertrande, and Arnaud unfolds as Western Christendom is splitting into opposing camps…

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In a reflective analysis of the novel, one realizes the great role played by the religion and the institution of the Church in the everyday life of sixteenth-century peasants and the actions of Martin, Bertrande, and Arnaud reflect the Christian values of the period. Through the narration of the tale of the peasants who watch out for themselves and never allow others to interfere with their own goals and ambitions, Natalie Zemon Davis also intends to realistically portray the experiences of the peasants in the sixteenth century. Thus, the author effectively unfolds, through the story of peasants who are generally regarded as insignificant people in the greater scheme of things, how the Western Christendom was splitting into opposing camps. A sensible reader also gathers the important role of the religion and the institution of the Church in the everyday life of sixteenth-century peasants and there are several suggestions in the novel about how the lives of peasants were controlled by Christian values and other influences. "The new Martin was dealing after all with a clandestine identity, and Bertrande would have had difficulty in squaring possible bigamy with her sense of honor, not to mention her conscience What was not, by any stretch of imagination, under their control by Catholic teaching was their souls. ...
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