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Planning Function of Management in an Organization

Strategic planning is a process in which organizations strategies are determined, which utilizes major resources of the organization to achieve the goals.
The company, EVENTIS is an event creator, organizer and manager. It has organized various events in its short history of 8 months and has come to be known as a very competent company. The company's portfolio includes organizing events such as weddings, concerts, gigs, conferences, seminars and the biggest event as yet, the Australian Cultural Festival. In this short span of time, EVENTIS has gathered a force of 400 young, talented and highly motivated employees through its friendly and goal oriented work environment. The satisfied customer base is increasing day by day and the future looks bright for EVENTIS at least for the near future.
Planning is an essential process in EVENTIS, it helps the organization in achieving its goals and competing better with other and progressing in future. It consists of setting strategic objectives that define the desirable business aims to be achieved. Optimizing the strategic objectives by choosing the best considered mechanisms and to ensure the best use of organizational resources in given time is by developing operational plans. It also consists of organizing the management process in such a way that it helps in making the most effective decision and implementation plan. ...
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Planning is important at all levels of management as it is concerned with making decisions which will impact the future of the organization. Planning function gives rise to organizing, staffing, leading and controlling functions. It is easy for managers to organize and staff goals when they know that the goals are attainable…
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