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Sustainable Tourism with Antalya

The poor environmental management programmes that cause heavy damage to the natural resources are other set of issues that was brought to my focus following a review of literature and analyzing other articles on tourism. Further, a total refinement of the research took place after a discussion with my tutor who helped to stretch my imagination and comprehension. The basic approach suggested to me was to have a clear understanding about the term "sustainable development". I was asked to have a thorough analysis of book edited by Brundland that narrated what sustainable development should represent. This book, which turned out be the corner stone for all sustainable development practices across the globe, had given much needed impetus into the research process. This helped to identify the more specific aspect of the research like the impact on the socio-economic, cultural and ecological issues in the region of the study with respect to the tourism development. The reflective learning process that I had with the tutor on the research process design was the important factor that contributed to the successful completion of the research activity.
The research process undertaken has given a variety of learning experience besides the success that was achieved in the attaining t ...
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The research undertaken by me was on analyzing the progression of sustainable tourism with Antalya, Turkey. The initial concept that I had on the topic was very feeble as the sustainability involves a broad analysis of a set of interdependent events pertaining to a region…
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