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Most ideas representative of general administrative theories are relevant to modern global organizations - Essay Example

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Most ideas representative of general administrative theories are relevant to modern global organizations

Administration is only one of these functions. Hence it is more realistic to talk of management theories instead of the administrative theories as the former encompasses the latter.
Broadly speaking, management theory attempts to emphasize management functions with a view to generate broad administrative principles that would serve as guideline for the realization of organizational activities. There has been numerous attempts made by scholars of various disciplines to construct a 'general management theory'. However, neither of these attempts seems to favor one another and it has almost become impossible to find out two scholars sharing a common view. Suojanen (1963).The earliest writings on the subject came from such eminent scholars like Henri Fayol, Mooney and Reiley, and Gulick and Urwick (1937).
The greatest development that has occurred in the management literature in recent years is the classification of various views of management in a coherent and logical way. This scientific classification of diverse approaches to the subject has been done by Koontz (1961), widely known as the 'management theory jungle'. Koontz (1961) classified the major schools of management theory into six broad categories.
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The basic objective of this paper is to unearth the ideas representative of general administrative theories or more specifically management theories in order to examine their relevance to modern global organisations.
There has a considerable debate as to whether the words 'administration' and 'management' essentially mean the same thing or are they functionally different…
Author : darionlangosh

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