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knowledge managementl

Construction Industry has begun to realize that it makes sense to find sub-contractors for parts of their work and leverage on their work to roll out a finally bundled up product. Outsourcing of manufacturing can help companies concentrate of areas of competence whilst a the same time ensuring that the other related tasks are being attended to with necessary know how and skills. A lot of innovative skills are required in order to achieve successful networks of competence that deliver a high cost and long duration construction project. The innovation is almost needed at each point a problem is encountered in a complex construction project. Knowledge and its appropriate management contributes to the cause of innovation on the simple logic that a better knowledge brings forth better solutions. This paper examines these both aspects in UK construction industry milieu at some length. ...
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The global technology is altering rapidly and the manner in which the corporates, the world over, operate is changing rapidly driven by this transforming technology and a keen desire to compete and acquire a bigger share of market.The business objectives have turned from mere survival or a normally healthy bottom-line to an extraordinarily fat bottom-line maintained with consistency…
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