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Essay example - Business Strategy: Merger with a large multinational conglomerate

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A merger with a large multinational conglomerate demands changes in four main strategy levels: functional, business, corporate and operational. Careful planning and strategic vision of future goals and growth opportunities will help Able Corporation to sustain strong market position and increase market share…

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A clear purpose provides a focus and rallying point. Organizations that lose sight of their purpose become deflected and self-centered. They make inappropriate decisions, commit resources into blind alleys, relax their quality standards, and make inferior copies of other organizations' products or services.
In able Corporation, the main changes will influence corporate and business levels. These strategies will help to identify ways in which Able Corporation will compete in its chosen arenas. The first steps will include (1) innovations and (2) product differentiation, (3) implementation of new business solutions (such as knowledge management and customer relationship management). Taking into account the industry dynamics and the causes of high dynamics competition strategy employed by the companies is product differentiation (Crawford 2003). The innovative, it is evident that innovation is reshaping competition in the industry. The main cost-effective technologies will offer new hope for Able Corporation provide the company with a significant competitive advantage. Differentiation focus will help Able Corporation to concentrate on a particular buyer group and product segment. ...
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