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Mental health nursing

Please write down the questions that you asked and the responses that were given. This information will then be summarised and presented to a group of peers and an assessor in your PBL 1 assessment
The service user in his own opinion believes that he suffers from some sort of depression. He claims that his problems at the moment were that he was suffering from anxiety and in the morning panic attack. He believes that this response was because he is worried about his father ie if dad pass away who is going to take care of me. when asked if he did have any auditory hallucination he went on to say that he did here voices but did not want to talk more about it.
I started with the humanistic approach so as to make the client at ease and for him to be able to express himself more. I then went onto the medical model to try to figure out what he was suffering. Some data from the interview give evidence service user has p[sychotic symptoms, e.g. auditory hallucinations. ...
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As you will have read from the assignment guidelines, you are required to conduct three interviews in your clinical practice area that will enable you to gain insight as to how a 'service user' perceives his or her mental health crisis, how the named nurse / carer perceives the 'service users' crisis and also how one other health care professional perceives the 'service users' crisis (this other person could be the 'service users' psychiatrist, social worker, occupational therapist etc the choice is yours).
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