A Study of United States Nationals Stationed in Okinawa, Japan

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This dissertation is dedicated to my Lord Jesus Christ for His unconditional love so evident throughout my life. I have seen and experienced miracles in my lifetime, but especially during my journey on this doctoral accomplishment. This study has broadened my thought process, my zeal, inner strength, passion, knowledge, and focus on how I can help our youth discover what it takes to reach their educational goals.
I also dedicate this dissertation to all those that are close to my heart: my husband, children, parents, family, and friends that supported me through this process. Their support has allowed me to climb to the mountaintop in accomplishing my goals and to continue fulfilling the desires of my heart. I owe a special thanks to my wonderful children, Jermaay and Cladorian, who are my pride and joy. Thank you for sacrificing your wants and needs and for being patient with mommy. ...
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