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The article by Anthony Komaroff sheds light on the benefits associated with exercising. The author starts off by exploring why some people do not exercise that much, as is required to do. He says that the common perception and belief regarding exercising is that it is supposed to be done "vigorous", for example doing vigorous aerobic exercises…

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The author is of the opinion that regular moderate exercises can achieve the desired benefits. To support his views, he lists down several benefits that accrue like dramatically lower rates of heart disease, strokes and many others. Simple activities like light walking, mowing the lawn, even if done in bits and pieces, by taking time off in between, go a long way in improving health. Climbing the stairs to one's office rather than taking an elevator or doing a brisk walk from the parking lot are ways that can be done easily, with minimal efforts required. One important thing to note from the article is that simple exercises like mentioned above can be made part and parcel of one's life and hence will reap benefits in the long term.
As to how I stand on the article, I would say that I agree with the author's views that regular exercise is important, even if it is not intensive. What usually happens is that one is not able to sustain one's fitness regimes due to commitment that is required. Intensive or rigorous exercises take a lot out of the person and demands considerable effort. So people usually are unable to make daily visits to the gym from a tiring day at the work. Even if they do so they do not have enough time to spare. ...
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