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This quote directly fits in with the overall theme of how people, for example in China, seek to step aside from having conversations directly when it comes to the discussion of sexual issues in nature.
One of the reasons in many ways can be seen as a lack of communication between parents and children on this issue. There is a very strong cultural/society influence on how such issues are looked at and talked about. Towards the middle of the article, Ford mentions the level that China had stepped towards adopting a more Western approach to how they go about doing things. A fear among some parents that if the children were to have knowledge about sexual issues, that would enable them to take part in the issue. Making light of the ratings system that the United States has, Ford addresses the Chinese approach to having one. Yin Hong, a deputy head of Tsinghua University's Journalism School is quoted in the article when he says, "The time is not ripe for China to institute a ratings system," says Yin Hong, a film critic and deputy head of Tsinghua University's Journalism School," (Ford, 2/2/07).
Many of the points which Peter Ford mentions in his article are very important to understanding the bigger story. ...
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In the article "China's film furror draws attention to changing mores", Peter Ford of The Christian Science Monitor looks into the issue of discussing issues of sex as it comes to mainstream media. Ford mentions a movie titled 'Curse of the Golden Flower' which has numerous examples of the human form being exposed for the purpose of attracting the audience…
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