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Essay example - Traditional Culture of Korea

High school
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The traditional culture of Korea, one of the oldest continuous civilizations of the world with about 5,000 years of history, has been retained with utmost care. Some of the traditional and cultural elements of Korea which were preserved over the ages are spectacular in observation…

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There are a variety of ornamental knives, such as ornamental silver knife, which illustrate the distinct culture of the nation. It was the practice for men to wear an enclosed ornamental knife hanging from their belt and it was of special meaning to the women belonging to this cultural background. There are also ceremonies in which foreign heads of party and state who visit Korea are presented with a sheathed ornamental silver knife as a sign of welcome, respect, friendship, and unity to the people of other cultures. The ornamental silver knife, which was an accessory for women, was also a symbol of their virginity and purity. In his book Seeds of the Willow Chong K. Lewe mentions this cultural ornament, when he talks about his mother. "My mother also always had on her an Embroidered Silk Pouch with strings, which was her Purse, and a Pocket Knife about six inches long with about a quarter inch diameter cylindrical (oval) handle. The Case and the Handle were made of Silver with Silk strings tied around the Case. It also had Ornamental Carvings on the Handle and the Case. The Knife had a Blade about three inches long. I still have the Knife in my Desk Drawer. ...
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