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Husband, Lover and Friend

The husband and the wife are just like a vine intertwined or a branch grafted to another branch, with both branches sustaining one another.
A man must also realize the implication of two people spending a lifetime together and sharing a life together even when it entails tremendous amount of tolerance and self-sacrifice. Both husband and wife must fulfill the human needs for love, friendship, family, and companionship the need for affection, recognition, and appreciation. All of these are plain and simple manifestation of love.
The role that a husband plays could also be defined by what we expect him to be. Everybody expects a husband to be faithful, dependable, tough, yet tender. A man's faithfulness means so many things. It could mean loyalty, devotion, reliability, and fortitude. A man is faithful not only to the woman but he should also be faithful to his obligations and the tasks that go with being a good husband. A man is devoted to the woman not only with his attention but also in the time that he spends with her. The husband also provides security at home. It is quite burdensome for a man that he must provide all the needs at home. However, in many ways doing this is what really makes a man a man. ...
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The role of a husband must have been best encapsulated in the verse, "Love your wife." (Ephesians 5:25). After all, a man marries his wife because he loves her. At the altar, he promises to love, honor, and cherish her for the rest of their lives. Therefore, a man is obligated to keep that love and take the role of a devoted husband.
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