Strategic Business Communication Essay

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Vast amounts of money, time and effort are expended yearly to warn consumers of the health risks and potential dangers in certain products, as well as educate them on the benefits of patronizing other items. In the US alone, the government allots $1 billion per year to the Office of National Drug Control Policy to underwrite information and prevention campaigns in mass media on the ill-effects of tobacco, alcohol and against unsafe behaviors like unprotected sex, driving without seatbelt and breaking the prescribed speed limits.


This type of business communication comes under the heading Public Service Announcements (PSAs), which are carried out to foster healthful behavior among consumers. It is one thing to prepare and mount such a communication campaign; it is another matter as to whether such campaigns are invariably effective in changing the minds and habits of consumers, which are often deep-seated. Studies show that not all campaigns to communicate risks to consumers in fact yield the desired results (Rucker & Petty, 2006). The failed efforts include even those that were prepared with great to-do, contained all the proper information, and were implemented at huge expense. There is a rich literature on strategic business communication that examines in vivid detail why most PSAs fail to connect with consumers and why a few others do. One of the more successful health-oriented business communication campaigns is the PSA that links fiber intake with colon cancer prevention, resulting in an increased public awareness of the once ignored fiber supplements (Thrasher, et al., 2004). ...
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