Coaching and Development Plan

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Coaching is a procedure which a superior teaches knowledge and skills to subordinate. He briefs the trainee about what is expected of the latter and suggest how it may be done. He also checks his performance and advices him to improve his mistakes.
The objective of coaching is not only to teach the subordinate the necessary skills for doing his assignment but also to provide him with diversified knowledge so that he may grow and advance.


d. The new responses to be learnt should not be in conflict with old responses. If they do, the coaching should provide an opportunity for the olds responses to be unlearnt before the new responses are learnt
Coaching and development is an organized procedure for increasing the knowledge and skill for people for a definite purpose. The purpose of coaching is to achieve a change in the behavioral of those being coached.
aptitudes, skills and knowledge. It helps the newly recruited employees to be productive in minimum amount of time. Even for the experienced workers, it is necessary to refresh and enable them to keep up with new methods, techniques, new machines, and equipments for doing the work.
5. Evaluating the outcomes of coaching with a scientifically designed evaluation scheme. The evaluation programme should involve observation of trainee's back on the job for some period of time after training and should also determine whether changes observed are attributable to coaching efforts.
In any coaching process, after a certain level of proficiency, a span of time arrives in which no improvement takes place in the trainee. ...
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