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Napier was one of the first, if not the first, to use the decimal point in expressing decimal fractions in a systematic way and according to the modern system of decimal notation[1].
The first tables of logarithms were published independently by the Scottish mathematician John Napier in 1614 and the Swiss mathematician Justus Byrgius in 1620. The first table of common logarithms was compiled by the English mathematician Henry Briggs [1]. Henry Briggs (1561-1630) was born at Warley Wood, near Halifax at Yorkshire and educated at St. John's College, in Cambridge. He is notable for changing Napier's logarithms into common/Brigessian Logarithms [2]. In the year 1616, Henry Brigss visited John Napier in his home in Edinburgh to discuss the suggested change to Napier's work [2]. The next year, Henry again visited John regarding the same matter. He proposed the alteration of the scale of logarithms from the hyperbolic 1 / e from which John Napier had given to that which unity is assumed as the logarithm of the ratio of 10 to 1 [2]. During their conversation, the alteration proposed by Briggs was agreed upon by Napier and published the first chiliad of his logarithms during his second visit to Edinburgh in 1617. In 1624 Henry Briggs gave a numerical approximation to the base 10 logarithm.
The Pythagorean Brotherhood is one of Greece's ancient societies. ...
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John Napier (1550-1617) is a Scottish mathematician famous for his invention of Logarithms. He was born in Merchiston Castle in Edinburgh, Scotland and educated at at the University of St Andrews. While inside the university, he became an adherent of the Reformation movement in Scotland…
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