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Cognitive and Language Development - Essay Example

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Cognitive and Language Development

(Jumpstart Tulsa, 2009).
Although the lower portion of the brain is well developed at birth to support a child's initial survival, the upper portion is not. This portion contains a brain structure called the cerebral cortex which is responsible for human attributes such as memory, attention, perceptual awareness, thought, language, and consciousness. Synaptic connections in the cerebral cortex are developed and peaks during elementary school age. Beginning middle school age to adolescence, the number of synapses decline to adult levels (Zero to Three, 2009).
According to B.F. Skinner, the father of behaviorism, language is learned through reinforcement and imitation. According to the behaviorist theory, like any other behavior, language has to be taught and positively reinforced otherwise, it cannot be learned. This theory is not widely accepted because it does not consider the biological aspects of language acquisition. According to Chomsky and his nativist theory, children have an innate language acquisition device and that it is in their nature to learn a language because of the presence of language areas in the brain, the sensitive period for language development and a child's ability to invent a new language system. ...Show more


When a child is born, he or she would already have over 100 billion neurons or brain cells, enough to last a lifetime, and no new neurons will develop after birth. Neurons are connected to each other with synapses which form the wiring of the brain. The strength and function of these connections are largely determined by the child's early experiences, thus supporting the theory that stimulation affects early brain development…
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Cognitive and Language Development essay example
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Cognitive and language development
Berk (2008) defines cognition as “the inner processes and products of the mind that lead to knowing. In involves all the higher order mental processes such as attending, remembering, symbolizing, categorizing, planning, reasoning, problem solving, creating, and fantasizing”.
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Is Language Development an Innately or Environmentally Guided Process
Nativists assert that children possess an inherent linguistic knowledge upon the day they were born. It further proposed that the human mind has preexisting structures, which mainly function to interpret and organise experience (Hoff, 2009, p.18). In contrast, empricists claimed that children learned language from their linguistic experience (Carroll, 2008, p.42).
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Contributions to Language and Cognitive Development
According to Black et al, as cited in Fathers and Mothers at Play With Their 2 and 3 Year-Olds: Contributions to Language and Cognitive Development, “Limited resources, unstable employment, and inadequate education often make it difficult for fathers to establish and maintain positive and emotionally supportive relationships with their children” (Black et al,1999 as cited in Fathers and Mothers at Play With Their 2 and 3 Year-Olds: Contributions to Language and Cognitive Development, pg 1806) Since little is known about the ways in which men in low-income families interact with their young children, the authors are trying to test if there are any immediate or long term effects of father
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To What Extent Can a Nativist Perspective Successfully Explain Children's Early Language Development
The nativist perspective describes children’s language developed during early years as an innate, genetic process that does not require any external influences. The most distinguished nativists are Chomsky, Pinker, and Fodor. By contrast, non-nativist professionals (mostly constructivists) are convinced that language development in children during their early years is a complex product of multiple influences; otherwise, how can the nativist perspective explain the development of language abilities in children that were born to one family and were adopted by foreign parents before the first signs of language development became evident?
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To what extent can a nativist perspective successfully explain children's early language development
In fact, the human system of sound production has been described as a language because of how structured and systematic it is. Because the ability of a human to acquire language comes with almost all human beings, people who are not able to learn language or produce sufficient sounds are said to possess some levels of deficiency or disability.
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Education: Language and Cognitive Development
By 15 months, the majority (about 75 percent) of children have a vocabulary that consists of "Mama" and "Dada" plus at least three other words, usually nouns, such as "cookie," "ball," and "dog." "More," and of course the all-time toddler favorite, "No!" are also common early words.
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Language Development
It is seen that in the Indian context, the young children used to permanently reside and imbibe knowledge in the house of the teachers, known as Gurukulams. Through this early
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Compare and contrast the nature/nurture debate, refer to research theory in your answer and use a cognitive approach to discuss the area of attachment or child language development
Cognitive perspective emerged as a reaction to behaviorist views that dominated psychology a century ago. While behaviorists treated human being as a sort of processor responding to external stimuli by producing
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Case study in cognitive, language, social and emotionnel development in child of 7 years old
To hide his identity, I will name him child A. The child is a pupil from one of the schools where I am undertaking my study. The child lives with his mother and sister. Child A is not a native English speaker. He migrated into the country two years ago from France. He speaks
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Cognitive Development
In the paper the writer analyzes cognitive development in the psychological study of how a person thinks, solves problems, makes decisions, and understands his or her own world from childhood to adulthood. He gives four stages developed by the psychologist Jean Piaget: sensorimotor stage, preoperational stage, concrete operational stage, formal operational stage.
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