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Trade Show Promotional Ideas

For our advertising campaign we have started off with some teasers saying "What's a safer way of safe crib bumper" leaving our audiences wandering what is that which is lacking in their already possessed bumper. The rest of the phrase creates a sense of consciousness and anxiousness as to what is the teaser referring too.
Further more to promote our product we have taken the help of another medium that is banners which inform the audience about the website and phone number to buy the product, yet the product itself has not been disclosed and an element of surprise still remains and they do the work of a poster and teaser as well.
Now for the date of launch we have prepared another set of posters that reveal the identity of the product and of course the product as a whole. A catchy slogan, "Is your child breathing enough oxygen" has been used to attract the audiences and the slogan carries in it a message of exclusivity and is promoting the masses to adopt what suits them the most. ...
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The name of my brand is Bump Guard and the product that we have launched is a wrap around of solid piece inside of the crib beds known as bumper. The different thing about my product is that it save the child from getting hurt as the lower part of the crib railings touching the mattress and extends upwards about six inches high.
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