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Health Policy affects most people in the US whether they have health insurance or they do not have health insurance. There are probably about 75 percent of Americans that do not have any kind of health insurance because of the fact that they can not afford it.


The number of emerging health care professions along with the in today's health care environment.

The health policy affects us Americans because of the fact that if we do not have health insurance we still have to go to the doctor every once in awhile but we hold off as long as we can until it is too late. Then, we might have to go to the emergency room and they charge so much just for entering the emergency room and then they charge us to be treated and when the doctors release us we have a bill of $700.00 or more. In today's world, "health of an individual to the end of a long line of confusing rules, obligatory costs, and accepted practices that control access to services, treatment, and payment mechanisms". For those people without any kind of health coverage their health care services is limited because they know that they will not be able to afford a full diagnosis because of the cost of health care rises every year. In fact most people that are uninsured delay seeking health care until an emergency.
It is important for health care administrators to be politically savvy because the result of a miscalculated health care policy often leads to health problems, lost productivity, unnecessary suffering, and greater cost – to individuals and their families, to health care providers, and to people who pay taxes and health premiums. ...
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