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Admission for Pharmacy

As a child I was always open to lending a helping hand to whoever needed it. I made sure that I gave my best to society even as a child.As I grew up I realized that helping people and contributing to the society is not only one of my principles but also one of my passions. In this direction I developed an interest in the field of pharmacy. Healthcare as a profession in general and pharmacy in particular is a service oriented profession which attracted me towards this service sector.My parents have always taught me to be kind, generous, and obliging to other people. In today's world where the primary goal of almost every individual's life is to make money by hook or by crook, I think these values are very important to keep. At the same time it is also very difficult to abide by these values in the fast moving environment we live in. Yet, I have always worked hard towards sticking to my goals and my ideologies.As a person I am very hard working and dedicated to whatever I do. I always strive to give any job or assignment given to me my best shot. I have the dedication that makes me want to work hard and make sure I meet the requirements of a particular task and give bring out the best possible results. I am very open minded and enthusiastic to take on challenges and new opportunities. I always aim at achieving the best; with my diligent nature I can assure that I will be able to contribute a tremendous amount to the field of pharmacy. ...
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I was born and brought up in a family which values more importance to social service. I live in a small family with my parents and younger sister. I was always taught to lend a helping hand to anyone who is in need. …
Author : abdulwalker

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