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Essay example - SEA Statement

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The SEA was founded in Scotland for Energy Efficiency and Micro generation Strategy. The draft strategy has set out improving energy efficiency and encourage on micro generation across the domestic business and public sectors. The Scottish executive has determined on a voluntary basis which would be prudent to undertake a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of the Strategy…

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Although the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005 (the Act) has now come into force, the first preparatory act of the Draft Strategy was undertaken prior to commencement of the Act, and therefore the SEA has been undertaken in accordance with the Regulations and not the Act.
Strategic Environmental Assessment, "a systematic method for considering the likely environmental effects of plans, programmes and strategies, during their development" (Walker, May 2007, p.1), aims decision-making after integrating environmental factors, environmental protection improving plans and participation of common people.
Moreover, a formal consultation concerning SEA process is being undertaken. The utmost criteria of the SEA process: "[s]coping Report sent to Consultation Authorities in October 2006 and Final Strategy and Post adoption SEA Statement" (The Scottish Government, 2008).
The Dublin City Council made a study in quest of available scopes for developing a new major water source for the Greater Dublin Area in 2005 and the cou ...
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