Artist’s Statement: Of Paintings, Passion, and Places

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To find contentment, I have to create. This has always been the case even when I was a small child. My passion is in creating artwork of places. Paintings of landscape, houses, and scenes of the exterior fascinated me.


This oil painting on canvas exemplifies my passion for painting places. An artwork of this particular scene draws me in and takes me there. The sights, sounds, and scents of the location come to life as my memory is jostled and I am whisked to the special place that inspired this creation. Just as an author transports you to places using words, my desire is to whisk you away so that you can savor the places that will allow you to leave your current situation and escape to the location of his/her dreams and imagination every time you view the artwork.
This oil painting is from a photograph that I took while entranced in a sun-stricken daze on the powder-white sugar sand of Isla Holbox. Amazed that inaccessible fishing villages still exist where few tourists venture and corrupt, my camera responded by capturing the image of boats bobbing lazily in the crystal clear turquoise water. At that moment I knew that I wanted to hold on to the sights, sounds, and senses of that little island. I knew that I wanted to recreate the feeling of peace that I had gained in a place that seemed to have been frozen in time. I wanted to recapture and share the sense of hard work, pride, and achievement of the fishermen who I watched get up before the sun to haul in the day’s catch right after the sun’s appearance. ...
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