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Story "Dona Sebastiana"

One such story is the story of Saint Death originating from the territory of Mexico. Collected and presented by Professor Juan B. Rael through his story "La comadre Sebastiana" (Dona Sebastiana), Santa Muerte, as it is known, represents a personification of death. In these stories, death is an actual character that presents itself as a normal, everyday companion. In the story Dona Sebastiana maintains filial ties with an individual over a lifetime. The roots of this story can best be seen in the statement that stories "represent a part of the cultural heritage that the first settlers of this former Spanish frontier brought with them, a heritage which their descendants have faithfully preserved through more than three centuries."( Juan B. Rael) Having an orthodox Christian characteristic, it also exposes the social injustices imposed by Christianity, which were instituted over the centuries. This is evident when the poor man openly chastises both Jesus and the Virgin Mary for failing to be equal to his as to his richer fellow human beings. The poor man, a woodcutter, is rewarded for his charity with the gift of healing. ...
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Stories play a continuous, and basically, an essential role in the development of human civilization. Their extraordinary content and entertaining narrative is their main traits that captivate the young as well as the old. It is their subtle message, however, that has the most important influence on human development, both as an individual and as a society.
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