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A Vision for Aviation Education - Essay Example

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This paper is in association with the effort to advise aviation instructors of the year 2026 about the perspective of incoming freshmen, and is a personal vision of the challenges facing aviation and aerospace education at a point in the future. Associated with this assignment, it includes a vision statement and philosophy along with a personal view of a theoretical mindset of future students, as well as a realistic approach to attributes required for an effective achievement of future educational goals in aviation.

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A Vision for Aviation Education

Specific to education in any field, these leadership factors are anticipated to be essential attributes needed to prepare learners to function in an evolving technology industry such as aviation. This industry is dependent on and integrated with a technology-centric socio-economic environment.
Given the basis for effective education and in contemplating challenges faced by aviation and aerospace education students in the year 2026, one must appreciate the certainty of changes in the cultural and socio-economic environment that will evolve in the next 15 years. It seems intuitive that known drivers relative to societal evolution will remain. Those include the concept of technology convergence, environmental impact, safety, and the consistently evolving forces of globalization.
It's difficult to imagine what the world will be like in 2026 since science, industry, and our culture seem to be evolving at an ever faster pace. Specific to the aviation industry, new technology will certainly have an impact from the design and properties of aircraft vehicles to how we can best educate future students. ...
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