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Essay example - Secure Software Testing

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Centralized Credentials Quality Assurance System (CCQAS) as a system has been conceived and later developed to provide support medical readiness capability to military operations through the identification of medical personnel with the requisite skills. The role of CCQAS now diversifies from maintaining of the required database with information being made available to the military treatment facility…

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So, it can easily be visualized that the CCQAS is a massive system with multiple sources of data storage as well possible queries for retrieval.
Testing phase with the software has been completed in two phases. The first one being the System Integration test (SIT)and in the second phase it's been the System Qualification Test (SQT). The SIT being the first phase of testing i.e., Development Test & Evaluation (DT&E) is performed by The McVey Company, Inc (TMCI). TMCI provided an independent team for this test with sole purpose being the validation of capabilities of the CCQAS system in ensuring technical specification, the rules of business, its various functionalities and other specifications mentioned in the requirement document as well as those defined by the developers and possible end users. The test environment provided for this phase of testing was similar to that of the designed production environment. TMCI role in this phase extends to testing all releases of CCQAS during the duration of SIT.
Now in the second phase of DT&E it's the System Qualification Test (SQT)that needs to be performed. Here, the testing is performed by the experts of the subject matter or the service representatives. ...
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