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This idea of groupthink was first coined by Janis, when the whole world was thinking group work was the best option to elicit maximum ideas from people. Every approach has some faults and so does it. Organization working on these line strongly felt that no one takes responsibility for a faulty decision.


The concept of self censorship has been around since long. Firstly this term mainly got related with writers and journalists but now we literally see everyone doing it around us along with me.
Many individual and social ingredients convince a person to censor himself to others. Duncan (1994) writes that, "People in different societies are more collectivistic than Americans, who tend to be individualistic." (p.79) Although, I agree strongly that we are products of our societies but Americans are little bit more loath to openly express their ideas and opinions. Most of times, I know my colleagues are wrong but I don't let them find out due to many reasons.
At times, I lack confidence and I end up blocking my self to others. Other times, I fear that people will oppose me and question me. I feel challenged. It takes a lot from me to convince people and satisfy them with my answers. Eventually I feel embarrassed and rejected by my group.
I also censor my views to avoid arguments. From time to time, I do it to avoid conflict of ideas and interests. I have also felt that when I get along with my group very well and feel close to them then I am afraid to raise a question due to peer pressure. ...
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