Top decision making organs in the United Kingdom

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In the course of this campaign, we intend to reach out to the top decision making organs in the United Kingdom, which include various Government agencies and departments as well as Parliament. They authorities include the Department of Transport, the Ex-chequer, the House of Commons, the Highways Agency and the Independent Transport Commission.


We shall stress on the advantages of building the bypass and at the same time try to counter any adverse reaction. My firm will present its ideas to the relevant authorities with the full realization that while it may not be their responsibility to buy these ideas, it is our responsibility to sell them. We will therefore try to have these authorities interested by stressing on the importance and urgency of the project (Deegan, 2001).
Our petition to the House of Commons will be aimed at facilitating any kind legislation needed to undertake this process. We shall present the risks posed to the inhabitants and the vehicle drivers by the numerous vehicles passing through the village centre. We shall particularly present the risk of fatal accidents to the residents, school children, senior citizens and other members of the Ponteland and Darras Hall community as well as the drivers.
In addition, we shall present our concerns about the centre's pollution, traffic congestion and the traffic slows down; leading to longer travel time, fuel wastage and loss of timing for the vehicles. We shall also present the overwhelming support this proposal has received, not only from the community, but also other organisations such as AA, RAC, the British Coach Operators Federation and the Freight Drivers Association.
To achieve this goal, will create awareness throu ...
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