Lunchtime Beverage Consumption among Students

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Health is an important aspect for human survival. A healthy citezenryWith the advent of greater awareness and better education on health and fitness, there is no reason why every individual should not strive to be well. Despite the presence of health information campaigns around the world, there are still alarming reports of improper food choices across every age brackets.


Among the foods commonly consumed by students in a university are beverages of varying types. Information on how students select their beverage is important in order to devise strategies to improve their eating habits. The information is also a useful tool for beverage manufacturers to make those products preferred by students to be more healthful; it can help universities to identify the products they should sell in their canteens. For health agencies it can be a good input to creating health programs to further improve the health conditions of students.
Since food preferences of students could vary across age groups, income brackets, nationality and race, and even between sexes, a study to determine the beverage preferences of students in a university based on these classification is a good area for research, hence this proposal.
The World Health Organization reported that "Chronic, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) - including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancers and other obesity-related conditions - constituted 60% of global deaths and almost half of the global burden of disease in 2005" (WHO, 2005 as cited in WHO 2006, 3). This trend is so alarming since obesity is associated with food consumption (Peng, 2004). Decision News Media (2004) reported that
"study of 9,000 US citizens by the USDA's Agricultu ...
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