Crowd and Safety Management

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'Sports' is a word which is now widely known by each and every individual in this world. This word has increasingly gain popularity among all the classes of this society. There are different kinds of sports in this world these days which are being practiced as forms of entertainment.


However nowadays with the developing world come new problems which should be addressed. The sports being played today are made as safe as possible for the people. The measures of safety are of such importance that some states are implementing reforms in order to ensure safety and security while these sports are being played. Similarly this article would further provide a report on all the aspects of security and safety in the stadiums.
Cricket is one of the sports which are being played widely in the world these days. Due to its increasing popularity, it is necessary that some measures be introduced to ensure security and safety in the stadiums. Lords is one of the grounds which is quite famous for cricket and is based in England. Thomas Lord is known to be the founder of this stadium. This stadium has a huge history and is considered one of the biggest stadiums in the cricketing world. This ground is not only being used for international matches these days but another form of cricket i.e. county is also being played here. The boards which manage this stadium are the board of England & Wales also known as the ECB. Similarly to ensure the status of a ground with such a stature the board has taken some important measures. As the increasing cases of Hooliganism are happening these days the board is very careful in determining the policies for this stadium. ...
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